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Gayle Knutson



Gayle has been in the film and video business so long that when she started in TV, the phrase “film at 10” was still commonly used in teasers for newscasts. Gayle stayed fit by rushing her film back for processing and editing in time for the nightly news.



In 1999 Gayle produced and directed her first indie live-action short film titled GRANDFATHER’S BIRTHDAY which starred stage, screen and television actor Robert Prosky (Hill Street Blues, Mrs. Doubtfire).  GRANDFATHER’S BIRTHDAY is based on one of the most popular stories ever published in Ann Landers’ internationally syndicated column, and won 23 awards worldwide including a regional Emmy in entertainment. The film has been translated into 4 languages and viewed by millions across the globe.  It is now used for education in over 1200 schools, churches, prisons, and healthcare institutions in the USA and Canada.



Gayle also produced two successful documentary shorts. IF THERE WERE NO LUTHERANS…WOULD THERE STILL BE GREEN JELL-O? is a humorous piece about the “Church Sign Guy” of Stillwater, Minnesota. It has been selected for inclusion in the permanent film collection at the Library of Congress and the Minnesota History Center.



Gayle’s second documentary, PRISONER 32,232 tells the story of longtime St. Olaf College Professor Reidar Dittmann who, as a member of the Norwegian Resistance, was imprisoned in Buchenwald concentration camp by the Nazis during World War II. PRISONER 32,232 was added to the permanent film collection at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC as well as the Minnesota History Center.



In 2015 Gayle published her first children’s picture book, FULL OF SMILES. FULL OF SMILES is an intergenerational story that speaks to children about the value of each person in their community and the importance of not taking one another for granted.



Gayle’s latest project, a short film titled, THE WAGON, will premiere in January 2019.  THE WAGON tells the story of hard-edged Frances and her always optimistic niece Claire…two traveling companions eking out life on a rundown houseboat.  The film stars Jamie Brewer (AMERICAN HORROR STORY), Jennifer Blagen (IN AN INSTANT) and Bruce Bohne (FARGO).



In her “other” life, Gayle is an EMT and volunteers on her local, rural fire & rescue squad. She has also played a key role in national disaster relief work for the American Red Cross including hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike, Sandy, and the Fargo Flood.



Gayle lives with her husband Jim in rural Minnesota.  She says “Uff-Da” and “Yah, ya’betcha” on a regular basis.






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