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Gayle Knutson



Gayle Knutson is best known for her indie short film,

GRANDFATHER’S BIRTHDAY,  based on one of Ann Landers’ most-requested reruns in her internationally syndicated column. GRANDFATHER’S BIRTHDAY stars veteran actor Robert Prosky and screened in over 60 film festivals, winning 23 awards worldwide including a Midwest Emmy in Entertainment.


Gayle also produced two successful documentary shorts.....


IF THERE WERE NO LUTHERANS…WOULD THERE STILL BE GREEN JELL-O?  is a humorous short doc that was selected for inclusion in the permanent film collection at the (USA) Library of Congress.


PRISONER 32,232  recounts the story of a Norwegian resistance member imprisoned in Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II. This film resides in the permanent film collection at the

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.











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THE WAGON  is Gayle's latest live action short film about two vagabond women confronting some of life’s harsh realities.


In her “other” life, Gayle is an EMT and volunteers on her rural rescue squad. She has also played a key role in national disaster relief volunteering through the American Red Cross at Hurricanes Katrina/Rita, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Sandy, and the Fargo ND Flood.


Gayle lives in the woods of Minnesota and says “Uff-da” and “Yah, sure, ya’ betcha” on a regular basis.

e-mail: gayle@tundrafilms.com             PO BOX 205, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047 USA              ph: 651-433-4499