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“If you ate pasta and anti-pasta,

would you still be hungry?”



“We’re so excited about spring

we wet our plants!”



(In conjunction with Apple’s then-popular ad campaign):


“Boring preachers?

We’ve got a nap for that!”



(When a football star named Randy briefly returned to Minnesota):


“Prima donnas grow on Moss.”



“Are you a kleptomaniac?

You should take something for it.”



“Give a man a fish, he eats.

Teach a man to fish, he drinks!”



“‘Let’s Eat Grandma’ or,

‘Let’s Eat, Grandma.’

Punctuation saves lives.”



“Can’t Sleep?  We can help.

Our Pastor’s sermons are

available on tape!”






“Honk if you love Jesus.

Text while driving if

you’d like to meet him!”



“If at first you don’t succeed,

skydiving is not for you.”



“If you liked July,

you’ll love hell.”



“There are 3 kinds of people;

those who can do math,

and those who can’t.”










“Think this is cold?

Wait ‘til the Vikings win the Superbowl!”



“Fall begins Thursday;

should someone tell the Vikings?”



“Because of cost, No coal in stockings.

Bad kids get broccoli!”



“Don’t you love January?

Nobody’s running for anything!”




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