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Dittmann’s close friends said that he rarely turned down an opportunity to speak about his WWII experiences.


He felt it was important to retell the journey that took him from his hometown of Tnsberg Norway to Buchenwald concentration camp, and finally to Northfield, MN where he taught at St. Olaf College.


His interview with Minnesota Public Radio can be read here.


A scene from the documentary



Interview with MPR, Press and Awards

Dittmann discusses his experiences growing up in Norway and being a prisoner in



Other press about                             includes:


Awards and Nominations for                            include:


    •  Greatest Generation Award at Minnesota History Center 2007


    •  Nominated for Regional Emmy 2007


    •  Included in the permanent film collection at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum




Prisoner 32,232

Prisoner 32,232

Prisoner 32,232 can be seen here.

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