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Reviews for GREEN JELL-O




“...laugh-out-loud funny, funnier than a man of the cloth ought to be.”

Saundra Sorenson, VC Reporter

Ventura County, California



“It’s like a good stand-up comedy routine that not only entertains but invites

the audience into the fun.”

Lutheran Partners Magazine



“This is not your typical church sign...or your typical church pastor.”

Annapolis, MD Film Festival



“Just when the world typecast Scandinavian pastors (and their flocks) as a stern, reticent bunch, here comes the frisky (Rev.) Molin in his khakis and lime green sweater, who shows churchgoing can indeed be fun.”

The Forum

Fargo, ND



“If God didn’t have a sense of humor, he/she wouldn’t have created  The Church Sign Guy  in the first place.

You’ll laugh; you’ll pray.”

St. John’s Women’s Int’l Film Fest

Newfoundland, Canada



“A little gem of a short doc(umentary). No matter one’s faith, this is a very funny flick.”

Caroline Palmer, City Pages

Minneapolis/St. Paul



“When asked which of these (short) films jump to mind out of the hundreds we have screened, I can honestly say that

IF THERE WERE NO LUTHERANS...WOULD THERE STILL BE GREEN JELL-O?   will always be among the first that I recall.”

Robert Nowotny, Crested Butte Reel Fest

Crested Butte, CO



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